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8 sea scenic spots in Hainan will open for overseas yachts

On 11th September, The Hainan Coastal Defense and Port Office announced that eight scenic tour spots on the islands coast will be accessible to overseas yachts for six months to facilitate and support to the Hainan yacht and cruise tourism and yacht race activities. Previously, for national security reasons, foreign registered vessels were not permitted to enter these waters.

The 8 locations include Dongying Island, Boao Town, Shimei Shenzhou Peninsula, Haitang Bay, Nanshan Island, Longmu Bay, Qizi Bay and Lingaojiao.

‘The temporary opening of the sea scenic tour spots will really encourage overseas tourists, especially those from surrounding countries.’ according to Zhou Gongmin, the Director of Hainan Coastal Defense and Port Office ‘In addition, this policy is also an important element aimed at building Hainan as a international tourism island. The temporary opening of sea….

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