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I and many others have written about how the pandemic has forced Chinese consumers to spend at home with brands that they have learned about and become followers of over the past few years. But Covid has also had another affect, that of speeding up the culture of greater individuality among consumers, particularly the younger ones. This move to being more individualistic ...


Accessing the Chinese consumer post Covid-19 I recently gave a presentation on this topic via a livestream and felt that I should also include it in my blog as the more the virus situation worsens in Europe and the USA, the more important these words of advice have become. Anybody working in or watching the global luxury markets will have seen the decline in sales in every territory around the world ...


12月8日 LPS 精艺生活VIP主题酒会 携手Boadicea The Victorious再现上海滩 享誉全球高端房地产展览界的魁首,国际房产投资风向标“LPS” – 2019LPS上海国际高端房产盛会(LPS第二十届)即将闪亮重登魔都上海。第二十届盛会将在上海市中心的地标建筑-上海展览中心隆重举行,是LPS有史以来规模最大、盛况空前的活动之一。 LPS携手众多国际豪华房产品牌翘楚、中外驰名品牌和各大机构、各行各业的VIP精英嘉宾共同开启上海一年一度的全球高端房产饕餮盛宴。 LPS采取严格的邀请制,活动仅对受邀嘉宾开放。本届盛会相较往届活动,场地面积扩大5倍,将迎来全球40多个国家300多家国际参展商为受邀嘉宾们带来时下最新的房地产投资项目和资讯。3天的展会将迎来14000多位高端受邀嘉宾的访问和参观。受邀出席的VIP和VVIP高端客户包括私人飞机拥有者、游艇拥有者、高端房产拥有者、企业家、海外投资人、及艺术爱好者等等。 艺术改变人们的生活方式,提高人们的生活情趣,也是一种优质的投资方式;无论是有形艺术还是无形艺术,它时时刻刻都在影响着我们的每一天。通过LPS的历届高规格展会及VIP尊享活动,主办方了解到嘉宾们对艺术品欣赏、艺术品投资和高品质艺术生活都具有非常浓厚的兴趣,为此,2019 LPS上海国际高端房产盛会将围绕这个主题特别举办一场艺术鉴赏会。活动旨在为对艺术品感兴趣、希望在艺术品投资方面有更深入了解的嘉宾们创造一个更为全面的机会,也促使艺术品行业各方面的专家有更多的互动交流: 时间:2019年12月8日周日上午10:00-13:00 地点:上海展览中心 主题:LPS精艺生活VIP主题酒会  (LPS Exclusive Art Collection) 官方合作伙伴:Boadicea The Victorious 英国胜利女王香水


A visible change in lifestyle As an observer of people and in particular the Chinese people, I have and continue to see their focus moving from simply buying products for the sake of ownership to really looking for lifestyle choices and products and services that fit their vision of themselves. This change has clearly opened the door for niche brands to move into the horizon of the younger internationalised Chinese consumers that ...


The recent increase in trade tariffs applied by both the US and China to one anothers imports may at first seem pretty irrelevant to products in the luxury consumer sector as they were all related to steel, solar panels and agricultural products and on the face of it this is probably very true, but there could be a little bit of a sting in the tail in China should the ...


When you work in China, networking is a way of life, but unlike those professionals who live and work outside of China who set an objective of attending an event or dinner with the key goal of talking to everyone to try and find that new contact who could turn into a piece of business, for those of us in the Middle Kingdom attending events like this is considered in ...


In addition to observing the luxury market and its consumers in China, when I travel overseas I like to look out for niche and interesting brands with captivating stories. These brands often turn out to be family owned going back a few generations and were started by ethical and principled people who were very focused that were handed onto the next family member for whom the objectives of the business ...


Much has been written about perception and reality; are they the same; how do they differ and what affect does one have on the other? It is one of those sticky subjects on which most people have their own interpretation, and may never agree upon. So the recent devaluation of the RMB and subsequent interest rate decrease in China set the media and commentators rushing to give their perception of what ...


Where’s the money?

Naturally, we don’t hear luxury brands moaning about business conditions in China; that would be unprofessional and provide the sceptics a chance to say ‘I told you so!’ But it’s clear that many of the better-established and well-known names are not doing particularly well here at the moment. The days of double-digit growth and sales figures are now a long gone memory, and their challenge is how to attract better ...


The Christmas trees, lights, tinsel and the sound of Christmas carols pounding out in shopping malls in China does not do much to hide the discomfort those selling luxury watches are feeling generally. The last two years have been very tough not only due to regulations related to gifting, but also because consumers have become more savvy and retailers are struggling to engage with them. None of this is new to ...