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11 Participants are awarded the China National Yacht skipper License

On 8th September, 11 participants took and were awarded the ‘China National Yacht Driving License’ (skippers license) the first to do so. Back into 2005, the Shanghai Yacht Driving License was introduced and became the first yacht skipper’s license in the country. However the Shanghai license isn’t universal across the country meaning that the holder can only pilot a yacht in Shanghai waters, if he/she wants to travel to other provinces, they need to pass the local test and get another license. The national skipper license is different from any other previously in that the holder can operate all over China with it. Naturally its never as simple as its sounds and according to the regulations, they still need to apply to local government beforehand to operate in their waters. In future, every trainee in China will be taught and tested against this standard and receive a national yacht driving license should they pass. ….

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